Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Mekah And Madinah Always On My mind Part 4: On Hold

Assalamualaikum wbt.

Sorry guys, I have to put the above entry on hold coz the internet is getting slower by the day. Making me very stressed, coz just to upload pictures is such an effort.

So, tonight I'm going to talk about politics. WHAT? YES WHAT! POLITICS is what I'm going to talk about tonight.

Why is it that Malaysians get so hype when the hear the word politics? Today, at school, my friends were discussing politics, about this party and that party, this politician and that politician, bla bla bla! C'mon, we r just 14. We don't need to get involve.

Then suddenly, they asked me who my parents voted for. WHAM!, just like that! Isn't ones vote supposed to be confidential? Anyway, I told them my parents never discussed politics at home and would rarely get into such topics outside of our home. My father for sure, never ever discusses politics. But they do vote. That I know.  And to think that they don't know anything about politics is ridiculous, because my mom, being a lawyer by training and had work as a journalist, have friends who have been arrested, some even have to appear in court as witnesses for the recent Bersih demonstration. I know she doesn't approve of the demonstration coz I've heard her say that things might get out of control, civilians will be injured, there's a more civilized way to discuss your case etc, or some interested parties might use the mob to reach their own goals.

Anyway, my friends said that politics are very important, because we need the politicians to secure our future. I said it's a syirik statement because only Allah, the Greatest Planner can know what or how our future will be like. I told them never to hang your confidence to anything or someone else other than Allah. Even the politicians would not know what will happen to them 5 seconds from now. I told them that to ensure a good future, we should study, do good deeds and dua. Of course they didn't agree with me.

When I got back from school and told this to my mom, she said she's very pleased with me because I've understood the concept of Tauhid. She said politics is very dangerous because sometimes we tend to hate this politician or that politician, when we don't know that maybe Allah loves him.
Maybe y'all are wondering why I always talk about my mom. Actually my mom is very dominant in my life because she's always there for me. My father is always busy and hardly talk to us. He only recites the quran with us, go to pray with me, then he goes for a jog, then he is off to work.He comes home late, eat, go to pray, watch a bit of tv then sleep. It's like he has a life of his own, detached from us. Not that he doesn't love us but that's how it has always been.Even when we go for family outings, he'd somehow move away a bit to find his own space. Like when we go shopping for clothes, he'd come along, only to busy himself in the DVD shop or cafe while my mom struggles to find our clothes and shoes and bags and accessories and other things that we need.It's like it's not his affair, but of course he provides us with the money to buy the stuff, and he never says no to what my sisters want. Even when we go shopping for HIS clothes, my mom would be the one to search for the clothes while he waits to try it on. That's why my mom is very dominant in our life. But I've also seen the reverse, where my friends are more attached to the father while the mother is the one who comes home late every night. And I've also got a friend whose mom ran away leaving her with her siblings to be taken care of by her father. I guess my father is just old fashioned. One thing for sure, he never talks about other people, and he never complains but I've seen him laughs, jokes and talks loudly when he's with his friends.   

Like my lil'sis,when she wanted to know how dad is in his younger days, she'd look up in a book, written by his friend about their adventure together. There are many photos of my young dad in the book. And she would show it to my mom and ask this and that to her. Not that we are not close to our dad, it's just that we don't really have the time to ask him many things.

Well, enough about my family, I hope you enjoy your life coz I'm enjoying mine and remember to always love your family.

Daniel Zaydi



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