Thursday, 19 July 2012

Dear friend, I Hope You Have A Good Life

Assalamualaikum wbt.

Hi everyone. Can't wait for tomorrow to come coz tomorrow is the last day of Sya'ban and the first night of Ramadhan. Tomorrow night I'll be praying tarawih Jamaah at the musolla together with my neighbours.

Tonight is Friday night. As usual we have a gathering to recite Yaasin and make dua for our dearly departed. I went to pray with my mom and lil'sis coz my father was still outstation and my big sis is having her monthly leave. My mom and her sisters in Islam went back late as they had to tidy up the community area or which my mom calls our club house, coz it has all the facilities like TV, DVD player, a bedroom, restroom, kitchen, dining area, study area, mini library and computers, which had not been wired up. So, my mom was busy connecting the wires and electricity so that the children can play games on the computers while their moms pray tomorrow night.

This evening, when I came home from school, I found my mom in the kitchen preparing her delicious chicken curry. My mom cooked the whole chicken so there's really a lot in the pot. I told her about my friend, who sits next to me in class and her mom had ran away from home leaving them in the care of her dad. My friend was feeling very sad today because Ramadhan is approaching and she has to cook for herself, her brothers and sisters (6 of them ) and her dad. The thing is her dad only buys dried salted fish for her to fry. She said she wished she could eat chicken sometimes.

When I told this to my mom, suddenly my mom told me to take a bath quickly so that we can send the chicken curry to her home. Actually I don't have her address, so my mom called up her friend who drives a school van and sends my friend to school everyday. After getting the information, we went out after Maghrib prayer, leaving the children who came to recite the Quran. My mother gave some money to the older children to help teach the younger ones.

We drove to my friend's house. She lives in an apartment on top of the shop houses. We called her several times but nobody answered. I had given up but my mom insisted that we sent the food to her. After shopping for some stuff, we went back to her place, and her father opened the door, and I gave the food to him. However, my friend and her siblings were at her mom's place. Her father looked very unkempt and the place was in disarray. Even the stairs going up to her apartment was dirty. No wonder she feels very depressed. 

I feel very sad for my friend. Actually she has been telling me that she couldn't take it anymore and she wanted to live with her grandparents in the kampung. I don't want her to move away coz she's my good friend. But I pity her because she has to endure such hardship. Her father is in financial difficulties because of her mother's behaviour and I saw how sad he looked when he opened the door. I wish I can help her more but what can I do. I can only listen to her sad stories and hope that one day she will have a good life because she is a good person.

When we got back, a neighbour had sent some briyani rice, chicken and some veges for us. My mother decided that the children should have a feast tonight. Only one little boy had to finish the muqaddam coz tomorrow my mom wants him to start with the Quran in order to gain the benefit of the month of Ramadhan. So, everybody was happy eating, playing and then we all went to the musolla with my mom to pray, read Yaasin and eat some more.

But deep down, I still think about my friend and how unhappy she is. I pray that her family will find happiness again, soon.

Have a blessed Ramadhan
Daniel Zaydi 

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