Thursday, 20 September 2012

The Innocence Of Muslims

Assalamualaikum wbt and peace be upon you,

What's wrong with these people? Why do they have to insult our beloved Prophet. Don't they know that Muslims love their Prophet more than they love their mother or their own selves.
Some Muslims in certain countries would riot or go on a rampage because of this. Muslims in Malaysia do not but that doesn't mean that we don't care. In fact, we are really really furious but in a more unemotional way. I've seen the locals giving a very hateful look at Westerners especially if they have an American accent. Maybe Americans staying here don't realize it but I've seen people quietly moving away from them at eateries and whatnot. People here also hate the U.S. Embassy coz it takes up the whole stretch of road in front of their building (and make traffic congestion worse) because they are living in fear of any terrorist attack.

People talk about the film in school, musolla and at gatherings. People tell each other how they hate the U.S. for this.Why are these people so stupid as to tarnish their own countrymen's image and they'd  discuss ways to boycott American products and plan an anti-American attitude.

When we watch American Idol and other American shows, we can hear comments like "Why are these people so stupid. Why is she screaming like a banshee and jumping up and down like a monkey when she gets to go to Hollywood, so uncultured".
Well, I personally don't think that all Americans are stupid. I still like burgers. But I don't like people who don't have any respect for others.I wonder how American Muslims react to the movie????
Daniel Zaydi

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