Sunday, 23 September 2012

Aquaria Adventure

Assalamualaikum wbt and peace be upon you,

Hi guys. How's your weekend? I had a blast yesterday with my family, Shareen's family and my lil sis's friends. All 18 of us went to KLCC (at the Petronas Twin Towers, the highest twin towers in the world) coz Dida and her friends got tickets to the Aquaria.

Lil sis(in striped scarf) and friends fooling around at Aquaria, KLCC)

My dad and mom wanted to spend some adult time to chat with Uncle Azuha and Aunty Ani. However, when we got there, Aunty Ani also went to Aquaria, while Uncle Azuha decided to roam Low Yat (the biggest computer and electronic centre in KL). So, mom, dad, me and Anis were stuck at Suria KLCC (the elite shopping centre there, where all the finest international brands can be found). Dad browsed the Petronas Art Gallery while mom went to find something to eat. Actually she had developed the Sick Building Syndrome. She was sneezing and having a headache, shoulder cramps and slight fever.

The Petronas Art Gallery

 Petronas Twin Towers

Suria KLCC (that's how my mom got the Sick Building Syndrome)

Anyway, since we promised the others to wait for them, we had our lunch first. I had Korean Udon soup or something. Mom had bibimbap and my dad and Anis ate Penang food. But, honestly, the food was quite bad.(Mom later told me that's why when adults hang out, they'd go to a fine restaurant where they can relax and have a quiet conversation, and the food is nice, the ambience is soothing etc. hokay, no more cafeteria or food court for me when I'm an adult).

Lil Sis trying to act cool with MY moustache ring hokay

Finally we joined Aunty Ani, Dida and her friends at the 2nd level food court. The place was really really packed we couldn't have a decent conversation.Later, we went to pray, and mom bought me and Anis a Uniqlo shirt each.Mine at RM39.90 while Anis's at RM49.90.

Big Sis and Shareen at Uniqlo

Afterwards, we left Suria KLCC and went to pray Asr at the KLCC mosque. It's a lovely mosque because the decoration is not too much. I just pity the old ladies who have to climb up the stairs to pray. (Prince William and Kate Middleton visited the mosque recently).

All photos which don't have either big sis or lil sis in them are from Google Images

Our next stop was Jusco Cheras Selatan. My dad wanted to change some US dollars while mom wanted to meet her brother. Dida got a bracelet (RM5) for her accessory while dad bought three shirts at the unbelievable price of RM55 (Less than USD20 for 3 shirts, what a bargain). Anis got 2 belts for RM13 only. (Mom really knows how to shop cheap!).

We were very hungry by then, but since Maghrib was approaching, mom just bought Magnolia Sherbet and we left for home hurriedly. Mom was quite weak due to fever by then, Dida and her friends were licking the Sherbet spoons due to extreme hunger while Anis and I were beat tired. Dad still had some energy to shop at the Pasar Malam (night market). Anis and I didn't even have our dinner coz we dozed off right after Maghrib.

My only regret was we had to cancel our appointment with Arief coz his family wanted to come over to look at a few houses which are on sale at my area. My mom was supposed to show Aunty Farah the houses but since we came back after Maghrib, they decided to postpone the visit. That's how I spent my weekend. Today is relaxing day. TV and more TV. Right now, I'm watching Liyana Hisyam's wedding on Saffiya.

Thank you Allah for giving me a wonderful life with my family.
Daniel Zaydi

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