Monday, 29 October 2012


Assalamualaikum wbt and peace be upon you,

On Tuesday, 3 days before the Aidil Adha, our neighbour Uncle Rohaizad died after 4 years of suffering from multiple complications like high blood pressure, diabetes and kidney failure.
He died at home at around 5 am but his family still took him to the hospital. The doctors couldn't revive him, and at 6am he was pronounced dead. My mom received the call and had to inform the other neighbours at the musolla. It was Subuh and the men recited the Yaasin after the prayers. Then my parents went to Hospital Serdang mortuary to prepare the body for burial while other neighbours made preparations at his home to receive the body.
However, the doctors wanted to perform a post mortem on the body coz Uncle Rohaizad died at home. So, my mom had to accompany Aunty Siti when she was being questioned by the police. Finally the police decided that there's no need to operate the body after looking at the hospital record.
So, finally the body was buried after Zuhur Prayer at the nearby Muslim cemetery. May Uncle Rohaizad rest in peace and Allah has pardoned all his sins.
Daniel Zaydi

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