Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Mekah and Madinah Always On My Mind: The Final Chapter

Assalamualaikum wbt and peace be upon you.

I have decided that I need to finish this entry no matter what. Actually I wanted to write about the shopping experience there but I guess shopping is always the same, wherever you are. You need the skill to haggle, to have a keen eye on what things you really really want, to know and compare the prices and most importantly, how to bring the stuff back home.
When I was in Madinah, I bought among others, a Body Shop perfume coz it's cheaper there compared to in KL. In Mekah, we did a lot of exploring at all the shopping complexes and have fun with my sisters, Emir and his brother and sister.
Anyway, I do not plan to talk about shopping here. I want to talk about my experience on the Jabal Nur (the mountain of light). It's called Jabal Nur coz it glows like moonlight in the dark. This is where Prophet Muhammad s.a.w. received the first Surah from Jibril a.s. And because it glows in the dark, everbody climbs the mountain at night without any torchlight.
So, I decided to take pix along the way. When I looked back at the pix, these are what I saw. Actually there's more pix of angel's wings, little people on strange floating buildings or flying machines, and many many orbs.

This last pix is the most eerie coz there was no one there when I took the pix, but when I looked at the finish photo, a guy is standing there looking at me. He has no shirt on and I can see his body glowing in red like charcoal on fire. The lower part of his body is invisible. I think he is a Jinn. I think that's the mystery of Jabal Nur. Anyway, someone told me that they can smell sweet scent on every Friday night at the mountain. Wallahuaklam. Only Allah knows all and I am just a humble servant of God.

Daniel Zaydi

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