Monday, 29 October 2012

Aidil Adha 2012

Assalamualaikum wbt and peace be upon you,

Hi guys,
How's your Raya wherever you are in this world?

We went to my dad's kampung in Muar to celebrate Raya last week. We went to Mak Nojah's house of course coz that's where all of my dad's cousins gathered.
Coming back to KL was a pain coz the trip which usually takes about 2 hours ended up being 8 hours. My dad decided NOT to take the highway, so we took the winding road all the way from Muar, into Lubok Cina, Melaka, then Astana Raja, Chengkau and near 12km into Rembau, Negri Sembilan, the traffic had developed again. So, my dad turned around to Pilin, tried to get to Linggi then to Port Dickson. But my mom wanted to get into the highway at Pedas. I couldn't take the road anymore. I even vomited on the way. It was dark and when I had finished vomiting next to the monsoon drain, my mom turned around and realized that we had stopped next to a Chinese cemetery. Instead of being frightened, my mom read the signage and laughed really loud. I tell you, my mom is really weird. What we find funny isn't funny to her, but what is not funny to us, really tickles her.  I quickly got myself into the car and bundled myself up in the blanket coz even the signage is really scary man coz it says "Tanah Perkuboran Cina" in washed black and white letters (and in old Bahasa Melayu spelling which we don't use anymore), and beyond is pitch black.
My dad then turned back towards Linggi, to the route which says Rantau and Port Dickson, 49 km. (haha). When he realized that mom was right all the way, he turned back, drove back next to the Chinese Cemetery and out to the Pedas exit into the Plus Highway, until we reached Senawang, my dad decided to take the Lekas highway (which actually is not Lekas at all, due to the jam and it's quite far from the Senawang Plus exit actually). So, we finally reached home at 11.05 last night, beat tired, and wasted one whole day of my precious Sunday. Today I got exam, didn't have time to study, and I don't know about my results guys. Now, this is really scary.
Oh, one more thing, I don't know what happened to my mom and dad but while we were taking the old route from Muar to Negri Sembilan, they decided to listen to Klasik National (HAVE YOU EVER HEARD WHAT THEY PLAY ON THAT CHANNEL?). I THINK MY PARENTS WERE POSSESSED BY THE GHOSTS OF OLD TIME. (COz my dad never ever listens to Klasik national). fINALLY, MY BIG SIS COULDN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE, SHE SCREAMED, PLEASE CHANGE THE CHANNEL, IT'S TORTURE. I CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE. (I DO BELIEVE THAT'S THE MAIN REASON WHY I VOMITED).
So, how's YOUR Raya guys?

Daniel Zaydi

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