Monday, 29 July 2013

Dad Met With An Accident and Lil Sis's Hots

Assalamualaikum wbt and peace be upon you,
I forgot to tell y'all that my dad was hit while he was coming back home from work yesterday. He suffers bruises, cuts and a swollen ankle. Apparently he was on his motorbike and had stopped at the traffic light when another rider came from behind without stopping and hit him from behind. The bike collapsed on to his leg and twisted his ankle. The rider, my dad said was a girl in a man's dress (what we call a confused female- a cross dresser) ran away at the first opportunity. My mom said if my dad had a chance, he should just pound on the girl until he-she wails like a little girl, just to make her change back into a girl.I think my mom didn't really mean what she said.
Tomorrow my dad said he had to go to the farewell party of a Morrocon consulate or something so he wouldn't want to take a MC but his leg is already swollen. So I accompanied my mom outside to get some Noni leaves (mengkudu) in front of our house. It was 12 midnight (after my dad came back from tarawih and tadarus). Not the best time to take medicinal plants, my mom said. But it was an emergency. So we gave salaam to the plant and ask its permission to take some leaves to treat my dad (my mom said plants can understand us and feels pain too, and they are God's creatures too, so we must give salaam and ask permission and treat them as gentle as possible).So my mom heated the Noni leaves on the stove,  pounded some ginger, and put the ginger on the swollen area and wrapped with the leaves. before that the cuts were treated with sea cucumber oil. Then she put a stocking on my dad's foot.
My big sis, Lil sis, and I have been drilling into our Maths books like mad with my mom trying to explain all the answers for the Maths problems. Can I cramp 40 topics in one day? To tell you the truth, I've given up already. But my mom made a mathematical calculation based on past year questions and tell me that I need to revise 20 topics only and concentrate mostly on the top 10 topics. We have been going thru all the problems on Statistics, Circles, Teoram pythagoras, Algebraic, ratios and whatnot that I literally become dizzy. Luckily my big sis helped a lot too coz she's a Maths wizard. And my mom who is the best student in her school during her time drilled me on the formula and applications and whatnot, so much so that I can see stars swimming in front of my eyes.

My lil sis is also having a HOTS exam tomorrow. We don't know what it is, coz it's the first time we've heard it. My lil sis said it stands for Higher Order Thinking Skills. My mom told her in order to achieve a higher order thinking skill, we should lead a LDLS (Low Density LifeStyle) first. Without the balance, one would never achieve HOTS. My mom told my Lil sis to tell that to her teacher. But my lil sis did not understand, so my mom told her to simplify, use her imagination, visualize and creative thinking. I hope my lil sis can pull it through tomorrow coz we can't help her much, coz we've never heard of such exams before.
Btw, happy birthday Lil sis :) I love you so much even though you always quarrel with me :p
Love and peace
Daniel Zaydi

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