Thursday, 20 December 2012

Year End Getaway Here I Come Yeay!

Assalamualaikum wbt and peace be upon you,
I'm sure most people on planet E are on holidays or are about to soon. There's the Xmas hols, school hols, Year End hols, New Year Hols etc.
As for me, my family and I are going to travel around our country very very soon yeay!!.
We will leave for the state of Pahang first, stay overnight, then move on to Terengganu for maybe a couple of nights, then proceed to Kelantan for three days (these are all the East Coast states). Then we'll traverse the country to the West Coast into the state of Perak, then maybe to kedah and then Penang (my hometown of course) where we will spend some time visiting our beloved little brother's grave, and meet up with my grandma and grandpa. Then if we have time, my dad will bring us to Cameron Highlands on our last journey back to home sweet home in the state of Selangor, crossing Federal Territory.
We won't do Johor, Melaka, and Negeri Sembilan coz we've done it when we go back to my dad's kampung.
However, my mom being my mom, of course this trip has to be educational too. So, throughout the way, we have to attend her "course" on growing up elegant. The course would include this syllibus( dunno how to spell this word la). Actually, she had already done a pre-tour briefing and a gothru the syllibus with us just now:

1. Practice good posture (remember the invisible string my mom said. Ahhh, I wish).

2. Speak softly (we have started practicing this since just now hehe).

3. Listen without interrupting (difficult, difficult)

4. Have impeccable manners (Dad will bring us to restaurants where we can practice this).

5. Read on a variety of topics (so each of us has to bring three books of our choice for the journey)

6. Show restraint in expressing anger (ARGH, ARGH!!!).

7. Don’t yell or scream (Simple solution: put duct tape across your mouth, hehe).

8. Go on picnics (we have the picnic basket and picnic throw ready by the door for the journey. yeay,  picnics by the sea. can't wait).

9. Be kind (To whom? My lil sis? no way, uhh, way way).

10. Arrive exactly on time (Dad will be in charge of time for this group tour. "SIGH")

11. Don’t complain (This is the most difficult one for me. Mom will keep tabs of how many complaints we make and we will be charged/fined if we do).

12. Be well travelled (that's the purpose of this journey I guess).

13.Don’t point out the mistakes of others (my mom will get a hefty fine for this hahaha).

14. Wait your turn patiently (what, I can't push my lil sis away. No fun la).

15. Don’t curse (I'll just bite my lips).

16. Chew each bite 20 times (What la!).

17. Sip your drink (Emmmmmmmmm).

18. Practice proper etiquette(okay, I'll sit cross legged after this!).

19. Accept compliments graciously (Thank You...)

20. Be quietly self confident (My dad will pass this with flying colours).

21. Don’t boast (who me?)

22. Be respectful of others (including my lil sis? no way...erghhhh).

23. Be positive (but positive attracts negative...remember the magnet!)

24. Learn to politely say no (simple: just say "No, thank you". Isn't it polite already?)

25. Make others feel comfortable (how? like give my lil sis her stockings, slippers,cushion and blanket?)

26. Hold yourself to high standards (I really dunno my standard, so how do I hold myself to it?)

27. Think before you speak or act.  (Oh no, this is really not me)
28. Apologize sincerely (I'm sure we have a lot of apologizing to do during this journey, yucks).

29. Have integrity (I actually don't understand this word)

30. Don’t speak ill of others, or gossip (wow, sooo difficult)

31. Have empathy (Like, don't say "Padan Muka" when something happen to my lil sis?)
32. Give others sincere compliments (Done).

33. Understand your own worth (Don't understand this one also).

34. Do small favours for others, without expecting anything in return

35. Say please and thank you

36. Take the time to stop and listen to others, especially children (always done it with my cousins).

37. Take responsibility for yourself and your own happiness (Don't understand this one)

38. Keep a journal (we all have to write about this journey. What la).

39. Give thoughtful gifts, rather than expensive ones (done)

40. Savour the moment (simple: just take lotsa pics).

41. Send thank you notes (via Facebook. Done)


1. Maintain a budget (We'll be given a certain amount of money for the vacation and we can spend it on what we want.)

2. Don’t overindulge
3. Practice saving (we have to save some portion of the money).


1. Wear only 2-3 accessories (I'll have my fake dumb glasses, my hat and my bag).

2. Wear solid colours (done)

3. Ignore fads (trend), or use them sparingly

4. Have one signature perfume (done. My big sis will use Davidoff Cool Water, Lil sis use Burberry Jasmin Noir, I'll use Aigner or Thierry Mugler. My Carolina Herrera 212 is my fav, but I've accidently drop it into my school toilet bowl, uggggh).

5. Wear an outer coat (both my sisters have already taken out their coats for packing. I don't have one anyway. Maybe just bring my jacket).

6. Learn how to wear a scarf (no problem with the girls. Just watch Hijab tutorials)

7. Practice quality over quantity (we have to pack only our best clothes and shoes).
8. Dress to travel (wow, whatever this means)
9. Keep your nails well manicured (my nails are clean. That's enough I guess).

10. Maintain your shoes and clothing (mom bought foldable shoe storage at Daiso yesterday for this journey).

11. Be well groomed (done)

12. Wear less make-up (just for the girls)

13. Wear well-fitting clothes (done)

14. Maintain good health (done)

15. Wear simple, classic hairstyles (done)
16. Only wear sneakers for exercise (done. We have to go for a morning jog on the beaches everyday. Yippee)
17. Be sure your clothes are pressed (not so done)

18. Dress appropriately for the occasion (okay)

19. Less is more (okay)

20. Whiten your teeth (I use bicarbonate soda and it actually workkksssss :))

21. Smile often (think the words "happy".  It will automatically makes you smile. try it).

22. Eliminate body odour (no prob. don't have one)

23. Always be mindful of your cleanliness (fine).

I dunno where my mom got this list. Maybe some perfectionists thought that all these will make you a happier person. But whateva, we'll try to play along with my mom's "educational course" hahha. Main point is, we r going on a holiday yippee!!

Daniel Zaydi.

ps. Can't wait to get out of town. coz a million vehicles pass through my beloved town of Puchong every single day. Just imagine. Get the picture? (Luckily my house is in a secluded area, if not, I'll die of nervous breakdown already).

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