Wednesday, 12 December 2012

On Charity

Assalamualaikum wbt and peace be upon you,
Today I'd like to write about charity.Everyone in this universe knows that it is good to do good deeds, help the poor or the needy and give charity whether in terms of money or kind. My family i.e. my parents have instilled this virtue in us since we were very young. My mom used to bring us to orphanages every month. Nowadays the visit is less frequent coz my mom is busy with her other charity works. (you can read my post on Eid-Fitr). my parents want us to be exposed to charity work since young so that we are wise enough t do it on our own when we live independently. Do you know why? Well, as usual, I'll list down why sometimes charity work is dangerous/risky and only the experience should get involved:
1. At one time, my mom helped a homeless family (who lived in a car) to stay at a temporary shelter in our musolla, while arranging for them to get government housing. The family turns out to be a whole bunch of liars, robbers, they ran away from loan sharks, they were very arrogant, didn't want to pray even though they stayed in a musolla, they asked money from the neighbours, they demanded to eat lavishly, the children didn't go to school, they even lied about their school, the mother was sooo lazy and evil, they hoarded the foodstuff that people donated to them and asked for more and more, they even asked people to top up their phone, the husband had a mistress, they stole almost all the kitchenware and stuff at the musolla before they left, they accused my mom of trying to convert their children's religion to christianity when my mom tried to arrange for the kids to go to sponsored school (they were no longer accepted to government school).

When they finally got the government flat, the father demanded that they be given a ground floor house coz he is phobia of lifts, and he even said bad things about my mom to others. This family tried to tarnish my mom's goodname until some of the neighbours blame my mom for their presence. People came to my house complaining and angry and wanted them out of the musolla ASAP.
What did my mom did? She chased the father out of the musolla, threatened to take away the kids and sent them to children's home and sent the wife to the police. She even called the father's employer, the children's schools and carried her own investigation on the matter. Nobody had ever seen how angry my mom was except that day.  The father became so scared of my mom that he would use a different route whenever he saw my mom. About the flat, my mom simply told him, "If you are scared of the lift, just climb the stairs". Don't try to be arrogant with me. If you don't want to climb the stairs, go sleep in your car, or in the streets. The flat is not for you, it's for the children".  After three weeks, they finally got the flat, and moved out of the musolla. However, the father managed to destroy the door, and the bedroom lock, and the vanity chair in the bedroom. The mother ransacked everything and she was such a pro, that nobody realised it until much later, and they even demanded an extra van to move their things and they didn't even say thank you. 
So, did you see what I mean. These so called "poor" people are usually bad people. Actually I don't know the whole story but what I know is already soo freaking bad.
2) At another time, my mom received a call that someone was in urgent need of help, coz the landlord wanted them out because they haven't paid the rent for seven months. My mom arranged for them to get alms. And they received about RM2,000 as payment for the rent. However, my mom soon find out that they had cheated in the form and my mom had (without knowing it) help them to cheat. That day, I saw my mom looking very tired and old. Later, she told me, the case made her wanted to cry but she just couldn't. She just felt soo tired and heavy hearted and all her energy just went away. Did you know why? Because the pople who cheated her wore religious garment. The wife even wore a niqab but they dare to cheat the alms money.I don't know how they are going to answer to God. My mom arranged for the husband an wife to get proper jobs, but they didn't turn up,.
3). Another family is always quarelling because the father and son drink alcohol. The father would run to my house in the middle of the night, shirtless and barefoot, with blood dripping from the corner of his mouth coz he had been beaten by his son. My father then would be angry with my mom for giving these scumbags a face. My mom tried to help them, but they are soo lazy to help themselves, they can't even finish filling the forms that my mom gave to them. Their house does not have electricity or water and they have nothing to eat. My mom's friend who is also into charity would send groceries to them. But these people never change.
4) Another family has been staying with relatives for like 20 years. So my mom helped them to get government flat and a job. However, the family are like leeches. They want people to prepare everything for them. The husband worked for like a month, and then complained of illness, pain etc. They didn't even want to buy a broom and a mop to clean their new house. They borrowed from my mom and returned the mop and broom damaged. My dad had to buy them gas cylinder, transported them to their new house while they sat at the back, and moved their stuff (that people donated) at night while the wife did nothing. My mom's friend helped to pay for the house deposit, did the electrical wiring for the whole house and bought all the window panes. And the husband did nothing to help, saying that he didn't know how to handle a hammer. My mom and her friends also got a huge amount of donation to fund the children's school, but later, the wife called my mom demanding the money coz she said it belonged to them. My mom was even accused of having an affair with her friend because she ahd to spend so much time together to settle this family's case.
Form the stories above, you see, only the tough should get involved with charity cases because:

1. Some of the poor are bad people. They become poor because of their own doing.

2. They are lazy.

3. They have no commitment,

4. They like to cheat
5. They like to steal
6. They lack personal hygiene
7. They like to gamble off
9.drink alcohol
10.they have a mistress
11.they are not sincere
12, they have no principles
13, they can't handle problems (they actually run away from problems),
14 they created their own problems,
15 they want people to help them like they are soo important
16, they don't want to work,
17 they think that they are the smartest people on earth,
18 they choose their jobs
19, they have no respect for others
20. They don't know what gratitute means
21. And finally, they don't pray. They are not only arrogant to humans but they are also arrogant to God.
The above people are all Muslims and I bet there are soo many like them out there who are poor or are caught up in a difficult situation because of their own attitude. .
As for the non-Muslims who live in flats near my house, most of them who have problems would end up mentally ill.Recently a Chinese guy, came near my house totally naked, shouting nonsense. Luckily the police managed to persuade him to go home. You can see sometimes, they quarrel by the roadside, some would talk to themselves, a guy came to the vacant house next to ours praying and feeding the"so called" ghosts that he said he saw etc, beat up their moms or wives etc.

Maybe you are wondering why I tell you this. It's because my mom has been angry with us since last night. She'd snap at everyone, even this morning. I know she's handling a case right now where the father has to rummage garbage bins in order to survive. I know coz i was in the car with my sisters when my mom found the old man. I'm sure my mom is frustrated or mad about something, maybe with the old man's family.
Anyway, that's it.  I feel tired too thinking about these people.
Daniel Zaydi

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