Saturday, 5 May 2012

This week In A Nutshell

Assalamulaikum and a good day to y'all out there.

It has been ages since I write..Dont know why today, after such a long hiatus, the desire to write came rushing back. Today in particular, is nothing special. Just an ordinary weekend to an average Malay like me. What did I do today? Just relax in front of the TV, watched someone else toiled under the sun, trying to finish up his D.I.Y. garage project. The neighbours were out. It was a good day, compared to last night, when God's wrath must have been at top notch (U should see and hear the thunder and lightning bolts, wrecking havoc in the skies (the sky dwellers must be pretty upset or someone must have done something terribly wrong aye.As for me, I just watched the whole thing, like a drama unfolding before my eyes, in total amazement).

Nothing to do. That's what I did today. I had nothing to do. The Tv was boring, no desire to cook, the newspaper was also just a waste of time and money.

The Internet was another option. Reading other bloggers' posts/Scary/ghost stories which werent scary at all (I've experienced worse ok)/Watched nothin on youtube/.... So, in a nutshell, today is just average to this average malay :). So, to all my friends out there, happy revising for your upcoming exams. Cheers to all SMKP, good luck y'all. My maths sucks, I was scolded by my mum and dad for not doin my exercise.To my dear friend Athiera, dont worry, be happy.

I think I'll share this blog with my mum. She knows how to write better, coz she was a journalist. Have u ever heard of a mother/son blog collaboration? Well, maybe mine's the first.

This whole week, I was busy with school stuff. Reached home at almost 7.30pm everyday. The Education Minister must be out of his mind. We school students have to leave home before he even get out of bed and we reach home much later than all the spoilt government servants.

My dad was super nice last Thursday. He treated us to dinner at Alissara. You know the Thai Cuisine eatery at Puchong Perdana. The food was delicious and we snapped a few pics, alas, I still cant upload them coz I've lost the memorycard reader.

My family even discussed on going on a trip to Bangkok end of this year. Athierah, would u like to come along? It'll be fun. We plan to fly from here, explore Bangkok, take a train to ChiengMai and return via train/bus. That's if my sister is not going to Guilin. She has been harping about going there to all her friends. You know, last year she managed to persuade her friend, Shazana and her mom to go to Korea (I went with my family too, but not on the same as Shazana's-it would have been fun if we all went together).

This month, my mom and dad are going to Umrah for the "God knows how many times" already. We siblings will be stuck here. My uncles,aunties,cousins/nephews are all going to Jakarta. Wish we can go with them, but I guess it is out of the question. Anyway, my sis has been there, so of course she wouldnt want to go again. So, what should I do this school holiday? Can someone out there gimme some suggestions?

I guess that's all for now. I'm too bored to write. I want to hit the sack. bye y'all. See u tomorrow, insyaallah.

happy days, beautiful minds, free spirits:))

Daniel Zaydi.


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