Saturday, 15 March 2014

MH370: Was it a terrorism act or an heroic act?

Assalamualaikum wbt and peace be upon you,
On the TV3 news just now, an ex-pilot deliberated on whether the passengers hijacked the flight or the crew members itself did it.
1. If it's done by teh passengers, maybe it was executed like how I described in my previous post. Maybe the cabin crew got acquainted with "the passengers" to the point of "inviting" them into the cockpit?
2. If it is done by the crew members? What is their motive?

A) Recently MAS sacked a few employees after a mass protest staged by its employees in Putrajaya (if I'm not mistaken, based on a newspaper report I read somewhere), then maybe it's an act of revenge. But then again, these cabin crew have families and friends. I don't think they were too desperate to seek revenge as to hijack the plane and kill themselves. What would they gain?  
B)  MAS counter staff especially at the group check in counters would always complain of tiredness and lack of staff. Some told they had to work from morning till night time. Sometimes there's only one staff manning the group check in counters because another staff had to go for briefing etc. (this is a well known fact among passengers).
C) MAS again recorded losses. Maybe there's too much stress and anxiety among its employees.
D) Maybe there's an inside involvement (only the insiders like people who make the roster knew who is going to pilot  the jet, who the co-pilot was, who were the passengers etc).
3. Again another Theory emerge: Maybe the pilot was directed to do the ultimate heroic act of destroying the lives of some highly dangerous passengers who had vital information about the country's security etc (note that the Chinese nationals went to visit the MCA headquarters. Why would they do that since they came into the country as caligraphy artists?) Maybe in order to destroy the lives of these passengers, he had to take his own life as well).
 Emmm, it's like a case for James the way, I'd like to list down all the grouses being voiced out by the public:
1. the Malaysian authorities were acting only on hindsight.
2. There was no coordination between DCA, the military and the Vietnamese authority at first. Then the passenger manifest and baggage manifest was only done later. Also the pasengger and cabin crew profiling. 3. MAS at first seemed to try to hide something from the public and was not clear about the case and made the public unsatisfied..
4. The police did not raid the houses of the cabin crew. If there were vital information, there was ample time to destroy the documents etc.
5.  The immigration officers maybe had a connection with the false passport syndicate.
6. The DCA boss and MAS Boss were not good in English and could not perform their best under crisis. Was there a proper crisis management.The way they handled the press conference were terrible.
7. They did not study the case in detail at first and straight away prompted the SAR. After all SAR failed in the South Chinese Sea, then only they looked into all the other possibilities, findings, sightings etc. If they had taken some time at first to deliberate all the facts, maybe the SAR would be concluded sooner.
8. Security in KLIA was too lax. People who have been to China, London, US, Saudi Arabia etc said KLIA is too relax in handling the security aspect.
9. Foreign workers were allowed to work in KLIA especially the baggage handling and cargo area (people like from Bangladesh, and later Sabahan (most probably southern filipinos or even Indonesians with fake Malaysian ID).
What can we learn from this? I think most Malaysians with certain important posts are too egoistic. They don't want to listen to the lament of the layman. They think they know all and the layman have no right to tell them off  anything. When they have encountered a dead end would they only go back to the reports of the locals like the fishermen etc. This is what sadden me. We Malaysians are proud individualistic people who simply brush off others as "Who are you to tell me about this. I know more than you. I have connection, cable, friends, knowledge, technology etc while you are a nobody. What they say are called theory or possibilities. What others say are brushed off as speculations/tell tale etc". Well, this is the disease that's plaguing Malaysians.
Love and peace
Daniel Zaydi

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