Thursday, 10 October 2013

Post PMR Wahaha!!!

Assalamualaikum wbt and peace be upon you,
Wahahahaha :D. If only you could feel how I feel right now,you'd be laughing out loud too. Now I know how it feels when your burden is taken off your was a real get over the PMR exams which had ended this week. To be honest with you, my heart feels like a balloon, being blown away by the wind to a carefree stress, no exams..hahahha..even my teachers are EXTRA NICE nowadays..maybe coz they are feeling the relief from the burden too. My form teacher Madame Francisca even treated the whole class to a mouth watering rice with Rose Chicken ..but my mom had beaten her in a way coz mom treated me to a plate of delicious spaghetti carbonara and mushroom soup, garlic bread and whatnot right after the exams ended on Tuesday.

She and big sis picked me up at school and we went for a very nice and relaxing lunch (for me) and tea for them, then we shopped at Daiso (you guys must think we r cheapskates right). Well, actually we are preparing two (really guys.. two) birthday gift baskets for Mak Nolie and Mak Ros. We had shopped at Alamanda but the baskets still seemed empty so what better place to fill it than Daiso at RM5 per item. But the stuff are quite good in quality and I'm sure Mak Ros and Mak Nolie would be delighted. We plan to give them the baskets when we go back to our hometown in Muar for the Aidil Adha celebration.
Emm, about the exams....(I'm sure you guys don't want to read about the grueling part right :), well actually I did well and insyaallah I'll be able to score some "A"s, hope my effort will pay off.
Hokay, till then, have a nice life guys...
Love and peace
Daniel Zaydi  

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