Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Exams oh Exams

Assalamualaikum wbt and peace be upon you,
It's exam week guys!!
1. My big sis is feeling the heat after she purposely skipped her chemistry classes and failed it becoz she hated the teacher last year. Just now she complained to my mom that she doesn't have any Form 4 books to refer to. So my mom told her to check out some chemistry teachers' blogs on the internet, as well as some youtube videos.  But of course it's too late already. How can you remember all those periodic tables or whatnots in one night. This is a lesson to me.
2. I think life as an adult is soo complicated, don't you think. This afternoon, my mom's friend came to visit and I was around coz I came home early from school. I heard my mom said, she prefers us to become teachers and not follow in her footsteps as lawyer, newscaster and whatnot. Well, I'm not so sure about being a teacher. It's not that bad but emmmm!I don't think it's exciting enough for me.......i dunno.
5. I think I will never ever complicate my life when I grow up. My mom always tells me not to complicate my life by doing or not doing these things:
i) Don't ever take a bank loan or any loan whatsoever.
ii) Don't ever have expensive taste and wants coz my mom says you can buy things but you can never buy happiness and peace of mind. My mom said these two are actually acquired by not wanting things, and by being satisfied with what you have.
iii) always pray jamaah prayers and connect with your brothers in Islam and with God of course.
iv)always be grateful of what you have
v) don't ever compare yourself with others
vi) always think you are beautiful and have beautiful thoughts
vii) don't ever waste your time coz my mom said time is the most mysterious element, a creature created by God to assist or destroy humans, depending on what that human choose to undertake in this world.
viii) don't ever be lazy to be and do good
ix) don't ever be rude
x) always help others, coz by helping others, you will find happiness in yourself.
xi) always love and never hate.
xii) always repent coz humans make mistakes all the time.
Well, that's all for now. I'll update the list from time to time and I hope you'll benefit from this too.
Love and peace
Daniel Zaydi.


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