Saturday, 25 January 2014


Assalamualaikum and hi everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's such a holiday, full of boredom and laziness. GAHHH, WHO CARES?

What can I do???? I have NOTHING to do, man. Absolutely, NOTHING. ha'ah.

Well, well ... before you start to read my new blog post, please, do enjoy this video.

                                                                    So nostalgic. *sobs sobs 

So, last year ( 2013 ) was a wonderful year. Alhamdulillah. BUT , so many people kritik I and cakap , " Eh , you punya dressing macam nerd kot , etc. WHATEVER. I don't even care.

Then, I belek-belek diri I ni. Buat self reflection and then, I admit , I really looked sucks. YUCKS
Why not, buat a little bit of experiments and change on myself. Tak salah, kan? Semua start bila I tengok video clip THE PRINCESS DIARIES tu laa. (inspired. heheh)

So , I buat sikit je laa transformations. And these are my transformations ;

1. Change my haircut. Checked.
2. Change my school uniforms. Checked. ( Last year, it was so baggy and shabby.)
3. Audit my wadrobe. A little checked.
4. Bercakap dengan nada and tone voice yang lebih rendah dan sopan.
5. Trying hard not to slouch. ( I admit, it's hard.)
6. Taking care of my manners. Yeah.

   I rasa , ni je kot yang I buat dengan that 'experiment' on myself. 

 Enjoy! Au revoir!

Daniel Zaydi



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